Reblogging this everyday so when I reblog porn people don’t unfollow me

I love this.
Anonymous: I still care about you......

I probably still care about you too. You should message me off anon x

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Anonymous: When all she felt was death She took a knife up to her chest Screamed to the world nobody cared And when she was done she had no fear Just the fear of never being good enough And there she lay on the ground With pools of blood a ton The note she wrote to her mom Only said the pain of being numb was always there And you never saw to care. -MS One thing that I wrote.

On a serious note I hope you’re okay

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Anonymous: I love your blog and I was wondering if I can send you some things I wrote?...

Yes of course you can! And thank you xx

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Today’s cuts.

I’m probably going to relapse tonight. Oh well

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